Heather, Ivon & Baby Malaki

“Good evening… My name is Heather Toews and my fiance and I were in today for our appointment to view what we found out was going to be our son!!! We didn’t know what to expect going into the ultrasound, and to be totally honest we were a bit skeptical – but we were more than impressed with the outcome. It was so intimate and it was well worth every penny – we rushed home, popped in the DVD and experienced it all over again. It made the pregnancy so real – it was the most amazing thing we could have done for ourselves. We invited all of our family over and some friends and we all watched it together. The service and professionalism was phenomenal and we were very pleased with babymoon and have since (in the last few hours) have recommended it to those in our life who are also expecting and due in May. I’m looking forward to my next pregnancy to go through this experience again!!! Thank you babymoon and staff for this amazing opportunity to view our precious miracle!!”

Shawna Crane

“Hi there, I just had to say thank you for setting this kind of ultrasound up. I am not pregnant yet (but trying!!) and I was thinking I would have to go to Toronto to have this done, as a friend of mine showed me her pics and DVD and she lives in TO. I don’t care how much it costs, I am just so thankful that there is now one in Winnipeg and I don’t have to travel!!! Hopefully, we will be visiting soon!”

Mandy, Curtis & Baby Emma

“Hi, I just want to let you know what a great and positive experience we had when we saw you last week. I can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate and LOVED your service. When we tell people about what you offer (and show them our dvd) they have so many questions and have such positive thoughts about your service. I’m glad you chose to fill the void for this kind of thing that we so desperately needed. I plan on recommending you to everyone we know. I hope your business is around for years to come. Thank you so much”